Topography of Oerth

Political Divisions

Prelacy of Almor

The Bandit Kingdoms

March of Bissel


Bone March

Kingdom of Celene

Free and Independent City of Dyvers

Caliphate of Ekbir

Realm of the Frost Barbarians

Kingdom of Furyondy

Grand Duchy of Geoff

Gran March

The Great Kingdom of Aerdy

Free City of Greyhawk


Realm of the Ice Barbarians

County of Idee

Free City of Irongate

Lands of Iuz

Kingdom of Keoland


Lordship of the Isles

See of Medegia

North Province

Kingdom of Nyrond

Free State of Onnwal

Theocracy of the Pale

Concatenated Cantons of Perrenland

Tribes of the Plains of the Paynims


Archbarony of Ratik

City of Rel Astra

Rovers of the Barrens

Realms of the Sea Barons

Hold of the Sea Princes

Shield Lands

Realms of the Snow Barbarians

South Province

Spindrift Isles

Earldom of Sterich

Hold of Stonefist

County of Sunndi

Duchy of Tenh

Realms of the Tiger Nomads


County of Ulek

Duchy of Ulek

Principality of Ulek


County of Urnst

Duchy of Urnst

Valley of the Mage

Archclericy of Veluna

Viscounty of Verbobonc

Wild Coast

Realms of the Wolf Nomads

The Yeomanry

Sultanate of Zeif

Topography of Oerth

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