The Yeomanry League

His Steadfastness Crispin Redwell, the Freeholder, Spokesman of the Yeomanry League

Government: Independent democratic republic governed by an elected Freeholder and Council of Common Grosspokesmen; suffrage for all adult citizens who have had military service or gainful employment

Population: 100,000

Capital: Loftwick

Major Towns: Farvale, Loftwick, Longspear, North Reach, Westburn

Provinces: Five high districts, thirty-one low districts

Resources: Foodstuffs, cloth, silver, average-quality gems

Coinage: Freegold (gp), halfgold (ep), silver (sp), common (cp)

Languages: Common, Keolandish, Halfling, Elvish

Alignments: LG, LN, CG, NG

Religions: Phaulkon, Heironeous, Allitur, Fortubo, Fharlanghn, Tritherion, Zilchus, Delleb, Joramy, Norebo, Kord, halfling gods, dwarvish gods

Allies: Keoland, Sterich, Knights of the Watch

Enemies: Monstrous humanoids in the Hellfurnaces, Crystalmists, Jotens, Tors, and Hool Marshes; Iuz

The Yeomanry League

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